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Displays useful information about how your system uses its resources
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Knowing at all times how your PC is managing its resources in real time can help you detect anomalies in the overall health of your computer. XMeters offers you updated information about some of its most sensitive areas, such as the CPU, the storage devices, the network connection, and the memory usage. And what is more, it conveniently displays all this information on your PC’s system tray area.

XMeters monitors your PC’s performance permanently and offers you to choose among a bar graph, a pie graph, or pure text when it comes to showing the retrieved data of each of the modules being monitored. You can also decide which modules to display on the tray area and which to hide. If you have purchased a license for the full edition, you’ll be able to set the refresh rate below the 3 seconds to which the free version is limited (this being the only difference between both editions).

When it comes to the CPU usage, you can set the program to show all individual cores present on your system and to break down the data per each separate user. As for the Storage, you can select the disk to be monitored, while the Network module will provide you with information about the network interface of your choice. Finally, the Memory module will let you know how much RAM memory is being used at a given time.

These four components are usually enough to have a rough idea of how our computer is behaving in terms of resources, but when I compare it to other system monitoring tools, I miss other data that I find useful to check the health and performance of my computer, such as the temperature of the processor(s) or the power consumption. Besides, despite the obvious convenience of the symbols used in the tray area, I can’t help finding them a bit too cryptic sometimes. All in all, XMeters is a useful tool that I find worth trying. It is free for personal use, and given that the refresh rate is the only difference between the free and the paid editions, I can recommend it to anyone who can live with a three-second wait in between refreshes.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Free for personal use
  • Monitors your system in real time
  • Customizable appearance
  • Low resource-consuming app


  • The symbols used are a bit cryptic
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